November 13, 2017

13 November 2017

IWS sailing in 30-35 Knts

We keep on testing our IWS system.
Monday the 6th of November, Northern wind was blowing 30 knts with gusts over 35knts.
Ideal conditions for an IWS trial to demonstrate all the advantages of our NACA shape supported by the air muscle

We can conclude that:

  • the IWS rig behaves nicely and flies vertically in the wind,
  • it doesn’t transmit any force on the hull,
  • the IWS rig pulls the boat forward, helping a lot during tacking,
  • there is absolutly no compression, the boat seems to be lighter,
  • the boat stays well balanced, even in the gusts,
  • no load on the mainsheet, the sail puts itself in the best angle,
  • pitching effects are very limited even in a rough and choppy sea.

To make it short, it’s just ‘’easy sailing ‘’
Gybing forward is also a beauty.

We sailed with 2 reefs (i.e. by bringing the mast down by 2.2m thanks to our aluminium retractable mast).

→ here is the video of the day

We will be visiting the METS in Amsterdam the 14th and 15th of November and would be available to discuss about it in more details.

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